Moving Mental Mountains

Move and the way will open

Get behind the steering wheel of your life and take complete control

Are there times in your life when you feel stuck? You feel a strong
sense to break free but you can’t put a finger on it. Mental mountains
can be crushing and can force you into believing that you are less.

Get ready to unleash your greatness in this hard-hitting, powerful session that will reveal how mental mountains can be simply blown away.

Magan has helped hundreds and thousands of people around the world raise their performance levels and multiply their results. Magan will help you remove the mental mountains that stand between you and your
goals. It’s your time to step up and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

600+ participants and 55+ countries. It is a rare person who captures the attention, hearts, minds, energy and intellect of such numbers as Magan can. I’ve listened to many motivational speakers around the world and I rate Magan at the top and highly recommend him.
Peter Kropp

Peter Kropp General Manager Europe - Isagenix, Sweden

Anything, absolutely anything is possible, this is what Moving Mental Mountains Workshop did to me

Sanjeewani Weerasinghe Actress, Singer & Entrepreneur, Srilanka

Refuel Your Goals

During the 4-hour Moving Mental Mountains workshop you will learn to:

  • Raise your current standards of performance
  • Re-examine limiting beliefs and challenge your fears
  • Persistently fight for your right to be the best
  • Think clearly, and take purposeful actions
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Learn the power of persistence
  • Think and act like a winner and help everyone
  • Thrive on change and not be a victim of it
  • Develop the action oriented mindset
  • Fuel your goals
  • Overcome fear of failure
  • Reignite your purpose
  • Be more motivated, confident and inspired
  • Unleash your greatness
  • Develop true will power
  • Separate yourself from the masses
  • Cover the difference between mediocrity and
  • Remove the mental mountains that stand between you and your goals
It’s hard to explain what you see or learn from people, it’s just the way they take you to places where none can. Thanks to Magan’s workshop, I’m brimming with positivity and creativity.
Selen Sismanyazici —   Selen Sismanyazici, Nissan Turkey

Key Benefits

  • Get access to advanced psychological techniques to alter
    your mental state immediately
  • Get to know real-world, real-life examples of people dealing with similar situations
  • Change your perspective and look at your life from a new angle
  • Get rid of negative emotions that constantly sap your energies
  • Learn to use the tools used by Fortune 500 leaders
  • Develop better life-management skills
  • Learn to streamline your mental and physical efforts to reach
    your goals


Our methodology is based on neuroscience and latest research in action oriented learning that leads to exemplary performance:

Powerful, hard-hitting and experiential
Action and breakthrough focused
Transformative simulations and exercises
Post workshop coaching labs (optional)
Based on latest research in neuroscience and learning
Yello Star
Magan’s tremendous capability to inspire you to aim for higher goals that are beyond imagination. I got greater clarity of thought, broke my barriers and was enriched as a person. Thanks for the learning Magan.
Bhavesh Vyas —   Bhavesh Vyas, Head – Retina Care, Allergan

Why Should You Attend The Moving Mental Mountains Workshop?

Moving Mental Mountains workshop is for leaders and achievers who want to move themselves to
the next level and for people who are at a struggling stage and are seeking guidance to unravel their true potential

If you feel that there is a mental mountain constantly crushing your spirits, Magan Kalra can help you use your
inner potential to move this mountain aside and embark upon the journey you have always wanted to take

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May 2023
100% Satisfaction Assured
Money Back
15K+ Participants Benefitted

Frequently Asked Questions

It will give you huge value. The certification will be given for The Success Code workshop, if you choose to attend that.
Yes, it will certainly help you at both personal and professional levels. Productivity and performance are directly linked with what you choose to take away from the workshop and implement the learning you had.
Of course. This workshop is all about moving mental mountains in all walks of your life. It lifts the burdens that weigh you down.
We do not guarantee a job, but the training can help you become competent and there is a dearth of competent individuals. This training will certainly help you become one who definitely deserves an opportunity.
You can opt for one-on-one ceo-coaching-trainer from Magan that will help you continue your training. For more courses and sessions, you can visit our page on the ceo-coaching-trainer and other courses section.
You will be able to see a visible shift in all areas of your life where you choose to apply the principles learnt during the workshop.
The objectives that are given in the outline will be covered in depth during the course of the workshop.
There is a 100% money back guarantee if the workshop doesn’t help you.
No. The payment has to be made prior to the workshop.
Since it is only a half day workshop, we strongly recommend you keep that slot available. You are most welcome to participate in our future workshop scheduled next depending upon the availability at a nominal fee of 25%.

Seats are filling up fast.

Our seats are available on the first come first serve basis

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