Train the Trainer with Magan Kalra

Developing the next generation of Human Potential Trainers

Tap into the Greatness Within You

  • Do you want to become a professional trainer or a
    motivational speaker?
  • Do you yearn to make a difference to this world?
  • Do you feel you have what it takes to change lives?
  • Do you have the burning desire to pull people out of
    their holes?
  • Do you think, you have it in you to re-shape destinies?
  • Are you willing to help people climb mountains of success?

If the above sounds someone like you, then this is a dream-come-
true opportunity. This is one of a kind, never offered before,
Train the Trainer certification course you wouldn't want to miss.

This is a six-month skill development and mentorship journey
meant for those who want to carve a career out of helping
people realize their potential and become successful in whatever
they want to do.

This industry-leading program is a crowd puller. It has already
helped hundreds of individuals make a successful career out of
training and speaking, across the globe. They’re already enjoying
their presence on the most prestigious platforms and exotic
locations in the world.

Even while you're reading this, people are vying to sign up. We
have got limited seats. So, drop whatever you're doing right now
and reserve your seat.

If you have always wanted to go out there and share your
message with the world then you have landed in the right place.
The program encapsulates wisdom and practical knowledge from
a gamut of world-famous trainers, coaches, and speakers.

Am Living My Dream, Can Help You Live Yours

The easy-to-understand course material and cutting-edge format
will give you practical knowledge and the content that trainers
long for.

Whether you are learning the ropes or have already made a name
for yourself and would now like to consolidate your professional
standing, this course is definitely for you.

Regardless of the size of audience you currently train, coach
or present to, you stand to gain tremendous amount of rare-to-find
information and training & coaching techniques. You will be
amazed when you discover the secret tools and intellectual
methodologies used by the giants of this profession.

This course curriculum uses proven training methodology that
will transform the way you interact with your audience and
impart knowledge and wisdom.

Magan Kalra is one of the most loved trainers in the industry
today, and he invites you to touch the hearts of millions - your

Ready to make a bigger impact? Want to expand your circle of
influence? Want to be the best in your field?

Train The Trainer with Magan includes:

  • Fully customizable, ready to use training content for six
    soft skills modules:
    • Communication
    • Teambuilding
    • Leadership
    • Personal Effectiveness
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Customer Service
  • Psychometric Assessment certification
  • Complete support in setting up your training practice
  • Train the Trainer Certification
  • Time-tested and proven learning material
  • Building and strengthening your brand as an expert in the field
  • An opportunity to fulfill your dream
  • A chance to be your own boss, on your own terms
  • Reclaiming yourself and fulfilling your purpose
  • Becoming a part of the inner-circle of like-minded people from the industry
  • Building contacts that will contribute majorly to your growth
  • Expressing yourself and making a difference to people
Include Below
Pag certificate

Only 15 Participants


Magan Kalra has deliberately restricted the number of participants to just 15. During these six months, he will provide
one-on-one guidance to each participant. He will personally train you and observe your progress. It’s like having a personal
coach to train you on the deepest mysteries of this profession. He will not just give you the 'know-hows’ but the ‘show-hows’ of
being a professional trainer and a speaker.

Only 15 participants means very limited seats.   So, hurry.   Don’t miss this opportunity. 

Meant for

  • Individuals who’d like to be professional trainers
  • Trainers and speakers who’d like to be successful in the field of
  • Women and men on sabbatical or at crossroads of life looking
    for a new start
  • People wanting to build a rewarding career
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to build a brand
    around themselves
Magan Kalra is a craftsman who brings out the best in people. A "rock solid" training professional, he possesses high energy, passion, insight, and caring. Anyone who desires a significant growth, must attend his high power programs.
Daryl-A Perkins

Daryl A. Perkins Master Trainer & Carnegie Master, USA


A three-day face to face Foundation Workshop in the first month
Followed by advanced face to face workshops, two days every month for four months
A final face to face certification in the sixth month – a two-day event
Each month, you will progress to a new module
Telephonic coaching units once a month for four months
Additional coaching, training and content available on demand
Special direct access to Magan Kalra

After the Successful Completion of the Course You Will

  • Create for yourself an opportunity to work with
    Magan Kalra
  • Have an opportunity to participate in T3 Advanced
    Certification Course
  • Be able to draw from Magan’s experience and his
    team of experts on creating your own brand in the
Say World

Hundreds of participants from Nearly Every Segment of the Training Industry in 30+ Countries Around the World..

Here’s What they Have to Say…

Now an Independent Trainer

Magan is a terrific trainer and an awesome human being. His unorthodox methodologies are unique and powerful. His sessions are full of energy, fun and a learner’s delight. I wasn’t really sure if I’d ever be able to ever quit my job and live my dream. He immensely supported me to become a successful trainer. Am eternally thankful. Magan has made it happen for me, he can make it happen for YOU.

Yogender Nigam

Yogender Nigam
Independent Trainer, India

I Now Have My Own Lucrative Training Business...

Magan gave me the push that I needed! I was conducting routine sales trainings and thought it was going well until I attended this TTT. The program didn't just open my eyes to new facets of training but pushed me to transform from an ordinary trainer to an accomplished one. It helped me set up and grow my training business by leaps and bounds. I can’t thank Magan enough for his invaluable inputs.

Vikash Bhargave

Vikas Bhargave
Behavioural Trainer & Insurance Specialist, India

Catapulted Me to Another Level...

It is not every day that you come across such standout talent like Magan. I had the pleasure of being a part of his Train the Trainer certification program I truly have been transformed from a competent (but secretly insecure) trainer to a confident facilitator. His core belief of helping people is truly genuine and that separates him from others. A final word of caution: Magan’s energy is contagious! I wish there were more people like him in this world.

Meraj Ali Choudhari

Meraj Ali Choudhari
Independent Trainer & Digital Marketing Expert, India

Recovered My Investment Within 6 Months....

November 2014 was the turning point in my life. I quit my illustrious career of 25 years. After attending Magan’s Train-The-Trainer Certification program, I had the courage to take a leap of faith and begin my stint as a trainer and coach. Within 6 months, I was able to sustain and build a solid client base, and after a year, there was no looking back. Now I am swarmed with prestigious names, work 30 days a month and am on top of my game. Thanks to the warm encouragement I have not only recovered the investment I made but have been able to earn a lot more than that- money and people.

Sai Venkattesh Prasanna

Sai Venkattesh Prasanna
Founder – Sun Training Systems, India

The Best That There Is…

Magan Kalra is a totally altruist trainer and enabler who creates magic in the lives of each of his participants. An expert in Train The Trainer program, he ensures that you, as a trainer, rock! He is the best you can get. Magan Kalra’s Train The Trainer Certification is a must-attend program for anyone who wants to carve a niche for themselves in the training industry.

Surya Narain

Surya Narain Bahadur
Executive Director Confluence Training, India

The Iron Man of Training…

My personal advice to anyone wanting to face an audience and speak with panache- look no further, Magan Kalra is the best. My facilitation and speaking skills needed fine-tuning and I sought out Magan’s TTT Certification program for the same. Now I find myself at ease facing the audience. Years of experience with him has re-affirmed my faith in him and his uncanny ability to deliver desired results.

Nick Jonsson

Nick Jonsson
EMD - EGN, Vietnam

How Much Does the Course Cost?

Frankly, the question you should be asking is, what’s the value of knowledge, hands-on training and wisdom the
course provides. This course is transformative. It will forever change the way you deliver your trainings. It will
break open the floodgates of opportunities globally. It will catapult you into the realm of the best in your field. You can immediately double or quadruple your fee. Imagine being able to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people helping them reach for their dreams.

In these six months, Magan will be sharing with you what he has learned in the past 18 years of successfully conducting multiple interventions across the globe.

The entire six months course will cost …

₹ 4,35,000


Cannot Decide Whether This Course is For You or Not?

We will interact with you, in an informal personal interview, before deciding whether we can commit to each other or
not. Whether it’s a good fit for both of us or not? Whether you should invest your time and money or not?

So, don’t hesitate. Submit the form on this website. Dozens of people have already registered. Once you miss the 2017
opportunity, you will only be able to apply in 2018, and that will be a year missed from your life of greatness and

Nick Jonsson

Sold out till June 2025

Yes! I want to apply to be mentored by
Magan in this remarkable training program...

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will be trained on all the 6 programs and will get learning way beyond the scope of these programs.
Beverly Sills said, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” A crash course does just that! It crashes!
There is no guarantee on the job, however if you do well on all the criteria of the program, then you will get an empanelled with us as a trainer. Also, this program will help you set up your own successful training practice.
Do you think you want to settle for good enough? That’s not what we intend for you. We want to make a competent trainer to deliver world class trainings.
Yes, indeed. This program is designed to develop your attitude, hone your skill and enhance your knowledge to become a competent and successful trainer.
The fee shall not be refunded, however, we shall automatically reserve a seat for you in another workshop, and you can continue from where you left.
In case of an emergency, we would be glad to extend our assistance and reserve a seat for you.
Your convenience is of utmost importance to us and therefore, we have flexible options of weekday as well as weekend classes.