Magan As Your Coach

"Personal Growth Leads
to Professional Growth"

This is Magan’s belief and he works on a no nonsense, “No Growth-No Pay" model. This simply means if you don’t grow you don’t pay.

As a certified ICF and Key Stake Holder centered coach, and a practitioner of transformational technology, Magan uses a variety of psychometric, ontological and brain based tools. He works with individuals and teams to help them accomplish their personal and professional goals.

If you are already successful in what you do and ready to move to the next level, then coaching will accelerate your results. If you recognise their are gaps you want to fill but need greater clarity, build stronger connects or take your business to the next level, then coaching can unlock your latent potential.

Courage is what you get when Magan coaches you. He’s world class. Period. He ensures that you’re a winner all along. It is incredible how his dedicated handholding has turned my life around. Thanks Magan.
Rity Munjal

Ritu Munjal, Marketing Contractor, New Zealand

Magan is an extraordinary, powerful and ruthless coach. His coaching opened up my horizon. He is like the Kung Fu Panda, who has earned and discovered the real secret behind the "magic scroll". I achieved all I wanted.
Ritesh Dahiya

Ritesh Dahiya Founder and MD, Turning Point Education, India

In a Gentle Way You Can Change the World

As your coach, Magan will work with you on
“Your Most Important Priorities”, and will help you to:

  • Clarify your life’s purpose and professional goals
  • Create actionable strategies
  • Formulate a specific framework for achieving
    your business goals
  • Maximize your and your team's potential
  • Obtain timely and unbiased feedback
  • Bridge the gap between intellectual skills and their implementations
  • Build on your strengths and manage areas of improvement
Yello Star
From 50 stores to 200+ stores, From 200 Crores to 600 Crores - a BIG thanks to Magan. Coach Extraordinaire, fantastic facilitator & a gem of a person. His coaching has helped our entire leadership team. Magan is a go-to coach & mentor
Aryaman Dhawan —   Aryaman Dhawan, Head HR – BIBA Apparels, India


  • Keep you and your team focused and goal oriented
  • Improve individual and team productivity
  • Enhance business skills
  • Expand on your leadership behaviors
  • Gain fresh perspective on resolving challenges
  • Find solutions best suited to your needs
  • Help you achieve your goals


One-on-One coaching sessions
Group Coaching Labs
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Either face to face or using modern communication tools
Yello Star
I‘ve experienced Magan’s magic not once but twice and a decade apart! He brought my team back together in 2006 and worked his magic yet again as my coach. With Magan by my side, I can accomplish anything.
—   Vishnu Sultania, Global Finanace Leader, India

Move to the next level in your professional
journey with Magan on your side

Do you feel that despite repeated efforts you or your team is stuck? You might be in the midst of an
ongoing project or in the process of launching a new business. You could be at the crossroads of life trying
to figure things out and need greater clarity, purposeful actions and know how.

You need an external push. You need someone who can act as a binding force. You need someone
who can give you an unbiased feedback and nudge you in the right direction whenever you lose perspective.
You need someone who has advised people in similar situations, hundreds of times. Then you should hire Magan Kalra.

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Yes! I want to get coached by Magan

Magan is a committed and accomplished coach that will support your development to the next level. He is able to powerfully motivate and challenge you to achieve unimaginable results through his coaching expertise.

Colleen — Colleen Lightbody MPhil, PCC, PGCNL, Master Trainer/ Speaker,
Neuroleadership and Brainwise Coaching & Learning Systems, South Africa