An Inspiring Soul

Magan Kalra has helped over hundreds and thousands of professionals
across the globe quadruple their growth and perform at their peak.
















From Waiting Tables at a Restaurant to Being Ranked Amongst the Top 10 Trainers in the World.

Magan Kalra is an internationally renowned executive coach, speaker and a leadership development trainer acknowledged by numerous Fortune 500 companies.

He has trained and coached individuals, and teams across cultures in Asia, America, Europe, Middle East and Africa to over 60 different nationalities.

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Sharp as a sickle, and soft as silk – that’s Magan. He’s a powerful presenter and a first-class business mind. He understands his clients way beyond their expectations. Consult with him immediately.

Kirk Rector – Kirk Rector, Attorney & Executive Consultant - Balboa Trade Inc., Russia

An Illustrious Career

Magan Kalra has redefined the way people and organizations achieve their performance peak and business growth. In his career spanning over 18 years, he has driven hundreds and thousands of professionals towards remarkably improved performances and astounding results both in their personal and professional lives. He was ranked amongst the Top 10 trainers in the world by DC & Associates in 2005 - 2006.

Magan Kalra is the creator of POWERTAINMENTTM, a unique, revolutionary and powerful learning methodology that’s transforming performance globally. He has trained and coached more than 150,000 professionals of numerous Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

There are trainers, then there’s Magan. My entire leadership team and I had the privilege to participate in Magan’s workshop and now we are all Magan-Junkies. He is an addiction and now we cannot do without him.

Jayant Singh — Jayant Singh, Managing Director, Treehouse Hotels & Resorts

An Inspiring Journey

He was young. He had a rough start. He faced endless obstacles. He had limited resources, but he never gave up.
He looked for growth even when the chances of survival were feeble and evolved with every new experience.

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Magan Kalra’s story in his own words. Every frame of this video is inspiring. Watch...

Let Magan Kalra help you live a life you love,
a life that you’ve always dreamed of

Discover your true potential through Magan Kalra’s powerful, innovative and proven training solutions.

Expand your business, increase your sales and enhance your people’s performance and
attitude in an entertaining, fast moving and enjoyable way.

Magan has impacted millions of lives and how! He is a “learner” for life. He makes a dent in every life he encounters. Don’t think twice if you want to transform your life.

Shilpa Ajwani — Shilpa Ajwani, Managing Director – Tupperware, India