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Fail-proof Formula to Success

There are multiple ways to achieve success. One way is to keep trying
your luck. Another way is to exactly know your destination, and then taking the road that leads you to your destinantion. If you had a choice, which approach would you rather take, the first one or the second one?

If being successful is your goal, then there’s a code to success that
exists. And you can get that code in ‘The Success Code 2.0’ workshop.
Yes, there is a well traveled road to success, not necessarily shorter
but surer.

You can call it an algorithm, or even a mathematical equation. If
you provide the right guideline to solve this equation, success is

The Success Code 2.0 workshop delivered for me what it promised – Success. It gave me new life, am eternally thankful to Magan.
Micheala Steindl

Micheala Steindl Alpha Nova Betriebs, Austria

If you're looking for a conventional path to success, Magan isn't your go-to person! Just when you're about to give up, Magan would find the last ounce of energy left in you to run that Winning Mile.
Prachi Mohapatra

Prachi Mohapatra Marketing Head FBB, Future Retail

Success Is Yours For The Taking

In the 2-day Success Code 2.0 workshop
you will learn how to:

  • Design and use ‘The Success Code’
  • Be successful and perform at your peak
  • Achieve more, more often
  • Multiply your results by 10 times and more
  • Change the outcome of anything in your life and your business
  • Stay focused and motivated
  • Get complete clarity on your life goals
  • Build a life you love
  • Get results for sure
  • Take powerful actions aligned to your goals
  • Deal with negativity and adverse circumstances
  • Realize your true potential and use it to your advantage
  • Develop a success mindset that prepares you to be successful
yellow star
Magan's insights, perspectives and approach provides any corporation with the tools and techniques to constructively disrupt conventional thinking. Anyone who reads and listens to him will have several "aha" moments!
Devesh —   Devesh Trehan, Finance Leader - Thermo Fisher Scientific, Australia

Key Benefits

  • You will create your own, very specific ‘Success Code’
  • You will get the tools, techniques and system to be successful
  • You will get a clear grip of your strengths and abilities
  • You will learn why people become successful against all odds
  • You will learn how to use constraints, difficulties to your
  • You will have the power, the belief and the know how necessary
    to be successful


Our methodology is based on neuroscience and latest research in action oriented learning that leads to exemplary performance:

Method Icon
Experiential, interactive and engaging
Method Icon
Action and success oriented
Method Icon
Transformative simulations and exercises
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Post workshop coaching labs (optional)
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Based on latest research in neuroscience and learning

You should attend if you

  • Want to be successful
  • Want to accelerate your results
  • Want to break free from you constraints
  • Have a burning desire, and willing to be coached
  • Willing to invest your time and energy into
    making real changes in your life
From a top executive to an entry-level support executive, this workshop can help any person at any stage.
You will find great nuggets of wisdom, tips and techniques that will help you move to the next level in your
personal and professional life.
yellow star
Thank you Magan for being a catalyst for success. I’m now an improved version of myself. Success Code 2.0 really changed my approach to everything in life and work. The results are for everyone to see!
Inder Jit Sehgal —   Inder Jit Sehgal, AVP, Strategic Marketing Automotive Industry

Why should you attend this Success Code 2.0 workshop?

It goes without saying you would want to attend Magan Kalra's Success Code 2.0 workshop if you want to
succeed in life or, you have already experienced a certain degree of success, but want to get more successful.
Maybe you want to solve the riddle of success? Maybe no matter how hard you try, success always eludes you
but you know that given the right guidance, you can get there.
Below Iocn
₹ 18,000 + GST

New Registrations will be accepted from March 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Participation at the end of the workshop.
The cost is INR 24000 + GST.
You can opt for one-on-one ceo-coaching-trainer from Magan. For more courses and sessions, you can visit our PROGRAMS page.
No. The payment has to be made prior to the workshop.
Since it is only a two-day workshop, we strongly recommend you keep that slot available. You are most welcome to participate in our future workshop scheduled next depending upon the availability at a nominal fee of 25%.
No. You don’t need any work experience for this workshop. Any individual is welcome to attend this workshop.
We do not guarantee a job, but the training can help you become competent and there is a dearth of competent individuals. This training will certainly help you become one who definitely deserves an opportunity.
No. However, what you do get is a Certificate of Participation that you can proudly post on your Resume.
No. Since this is a life altering workshop from one of the best trainers in the world, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a face-to-face training is the best methodology for best results. You are most welcome to read the book, The Success Code 2.0.
We strongly believe that whatever you learn in this program goes way beyond this classroom. Once you recognize that learning is a process you can then apply everything learnt to whatever situation is at hand. The training methodology is such that you will see long lasting results.

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