The Art & Science of Public Speaking

Because great ideas, deserve great presentations

Knowing how to speak in public is as important as having a professional degree.

Throughout history, and in recent times – from Martin Luther King to Steve Jobs, from Barack Obama to Narendra Modi – each one of them have swept the world and influenced people through their speaking.

The good news is, you too can learn this skill. Business professionals, lawyers, doctors, teachers and entrepreneurs - these days each one of us must have the ability to speak with confidence. Gone are the days when
one could advance his or her career by working with only test tubes or computers.

In this workshop you will learn the secrets of powerful communication that win clients, teams, promotions, funding and even elections. Get ready for a hair-raising, fast-paced, and a rigorous joy ride.

A rare talent at public speaking, Magan is great at his craft. He engages & motivates audiences by simply being himself. If you want to master the art of Public Speaking, this is just the workshop for you.
Fredrik Sebastian

Fredrik Sebastian Widell COO Trimb Healthcare, Sweden

We travelled 1500 kms to attend Magan’s workshop, and am glad we did. The two days of workshop left us craving for more. Now we can deliver a powerful message to any kind of audience with confidence.
Henry Lindberg

Henry Lindberg Director- Customer Services, Rochdale Spears Company, Philippines

Learn to Speak Like A Leader

In the 2-day public speaking workshop Magan Kalra
will help you learn how to:

  • Establish trust, credibility, and respect with your
  • Motivate your audiences to laugh, learn, listen and
  • Sell yourself, your ideas and influence people
  • Use proven structures, techniques and tools to
    strengthen your message
  • Touch, move and inspire the most stubborn
  • Handle and respond to tough questions and difficult
  • Present, speak and deliver like a pro
  • Turn your nervousness into positive energy
  • Establish strong, inspiring and unbreakable connection
    with your audience
  • Open and close sessions with high impact
  • Appeal to different kinds of learners visual, auditory,
    and kinesthetic
  • Learn and master the nuances of body language and
    voice modulation
  • Organize your thoughts in a logical manner and use
    the right structure
  • Achieve exactly what you want to achieve with your
  • Use words and expressions your audience can relate to
  • Amplify your message with or without presentation
Yello Star
Before attending Magan’s workshop, I could only present to a handful of audience. But soon after his training, I am now ready and confident to talk to 100s, and 1000+ My last presentation was 800+ people and I did very well.
Japhet Naftal —   Japhet Naftal, Independent Business Owner, Tanzania

Key Benefits

  • You will be a master story teller
  • You will win and engage your audience both emotionally and
  • You will communicate your ideas with clarity, power and
  • You will learn to organize your thoughts into professional
  • You will have a brand new confident approach to presentations
  • You will get a step-by-step guide to plan and deliver any kind
    of presentation
  • You will discover the secret techniques used by high-impact
    public speakers


Our methodology is based on neuroscience and latest research in action oriented learning that leads to exemplary performance:

Only 10 participants
Rigorous, fast-paced and thrilling
Special one-on-one coaching and video recording
Usage of proven tools and techniques
Customised and personal reviews

Who Should Attend

Anyone who can speak, should learn how to speak in public

yellow star
My profession requires me to be a confident and engaging speaker, and Magan helped me become one.
Arpita Mazumdar —   Arpita Mazumdar, Product & Business Trainer, India

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The public speaking workshop by Magan Kalra can give a new direction to your life. It will instill a tremendous
amount of confidence in the way you present and communicate your thoughts and ideas.

You will gain huge value from your participation and experience a new ‘you’.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will teach you every skill and technique required to be a powerful public speaker.
Yes, of course. It will not only help you get rid of your fear, but also enable you to master the art and science of public speaking.
No. However, what you do get is a Certificate of Participation that you can proudly post on your Resume.
Who doesn’t like a pleasant person who has the ability to communicate clearly and listens to understand? Today’s workplace is ever evolving and only those people who are confident in speaking well can climb the success ladder.
No. You simply have to be willing to learn and open to ceo-coaching-trainer.
Yes. You will get course material with this workshop.
It is led by Magan, simply the best. Hundreds and thousands of people across the globe have participated in and benefitted from the same program and vouch for it. Without being modest, this is simply the best workshop that other seemingly similar sounding workshops.
Yes, it is. It is not a language workshop. Irrespective of the language, this workshop enables you to face the audience with confidence, conviction and enthusiasm.

Sell your ideas & influence people

It is one of the best public speaking courses you can take

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