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Prerna Kumar

Prerna Kumar, CEO Chaiveda, India

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Dr. Vivek Samal– Dr. Vivek Samal, Senior Manager - GSK, Belgium

The Success Code 2.0

Your Access to Success

The book, The Success Code 2.0 puts a full stop on you relying on your
fate. There are multiple ways to achieve success. One way is to keep trying your luck. Another way is to exactly know your destination, and then to take the road that leads you to your destination.

If you had a choice, which approach would you rather take, the first or the second? This book is for you to grab if you chose the second option.

If being successful is your goal, then there’s a code to success that
exists. And you will get that code in this book. Yes, there is a well-traveled road to success, not necessarily shorter but surer.

"Warning: This book will destroy all your myths about success and disrupt everything that you have believed to be true"

Akshar Yadav

Akshar Yadav
Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing Specialist, India

Meet Magan Kalra

Coach who has helped over hundreds and thousands of people across the globe achieve their dreams

Magan Kalra is an internationally renowned executive coach, speaker and a leadership development trainer who is on a mission to help you succeed and perform at your peak - every time.

He is acknowledged by numerous Fortune 500 companies and
has coached and trained individuals and teams across cultures
in Asia, America, Europe, Middle East and Africa with over 60
different nationalities.

Magan Kalra has redefined the way people and organizations
achieve business growth by transforming the people side of

In his career spanning over 18 years, he has trained and
coached more than 150,000 professionals and has been ranked
amongst the Top 10 trainers in the world.

Magan Kalra is the founder and CEO of Performance Advantage
Group. Also an author, a trainer, a coach and the creator of POWERTAINMENTTM.

Magan Kalra’s core belief is that ‘personal growth leads to
business growth’
and that’s exactly what his clients consistently
achieve through his high-impact sessions. His interventions
deliver tangible results in business and with people.

Over 150+ repeat clients - from Fortune 500 companies to some of the biggest Indian business houses

You don’t meet Magan Kalra. You encounter him.

Pradnya Deshpande– Pradnya Deshpande, Director Sales, South Asia – Oriflame, India

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Most of us operate at a fraction of our potential.
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